Utama Spice Green Leaf Face Mask and Scrub (Also Known Privately as The Legolas Mask)

If you are a face-mask junkie (like yours truly), chances are you already have more face mask than what is considered normal. However, sometimes a face mask crossed your path and you just automatically found reasons to add it to your exponentially-growing collection. I know that feeling so well, comrades. The Green Leaf Face Mask […]

Noob-Friendly Acid : A Review of COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Confession time : I am a bit squeamish about putting acid on my face. I know that my oily, acne-prone(-ish) and hyperpigmentation-laden skin could really benefit from chemical exfoliation. However, using acid products could be highly irritating and/or give you legit purging, and I was just not mentally ready for another breakout. Even those that […]