About The Charming Snarker

Will just put my cat Hachiko’s picture here because she is more gorgeous than what I would ever dream to be

Hello there.

My name is Vera, and just recently I was enlightened by The Way of Skincare. I felt the need of documenting my skincare-related raves and rants online, so here it is.

I am intrigued by skincare ingredients and the potential of what they can do to our skin, so you might find that portion of my reviews longer than it should. However, I am not a cosmetic chemist (sigh) so I would not act as a mighty know-it-all in that regard, and please don’t treat me as such (LOL as if).

Also, since I am not a billionaire (yet), you probably won’t find a lot of reviews on expensive stuffs here. I do splurge on occasion, though, if I feel I deserve some treats. However, since (by experience) I know that some of those stuffs are gimmicky, or not more than a marketing hype, I am always on a quest to find cheaper and more effective alternatives.

I will write my reviews in English for products available internationally, and in (poor, ungrammatical) Bahasa Indonesia for products available in Indonesia only. I found ways to make my blog bilingual, yeah! My posts are now available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Chat me up for skincare-related stuffs, cats, books, and everything in between :

Twitter : @Perseverra
Instagram : @thecharmingsnarker

Goodreads : veraveruchka
Fictionpress (yes I write fiction too, in Bahasa Indonesia) : Vera Maharani
E-mail : veramaharani20@gmail.com

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