Discontinued The Body Shop Products I Wish Were Re-Released

Discontinued The Body Shop Products I Wish Were Re-Released

I love The Body Shop to bits, but they have this habit of discontinuing my favorite products. Not to say that all my favorites are gone (The Body Shop, don’t you dare discontinuing Fuji Green Tea Hair Scrub), but oh how these discontinued products are sorely missed! I am still waiting for the day that these products would somehow be re-released. Or at least, they should release something similar in spirit.

While waiting for that day to arrive, The Body Shop Stop Discontinuing My Favorite Products Challenge, please.

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1. The Body Shop Honeymania EDT

The Honeymania line was a gem, but I was particularly fond of the EDT. Fragrantica listed wildflower and honey as the notes, and it did smell like running through a field of wildflower where the breeze smells softly of honey. Ever since I outgrew my Aigner Too Feminine phase, I rarely liked ‘sweet’ fragrance, but the Honeymania EDT smell so pretty and inconspicuous, it quickly became a favourite. Until this day, I am still looking for something similar, to no avail.

As with other single-note The Body Shop fragrance, the sillage is weak and the staying power is weak to moderate, but at the price it was sold (<Rp 200.000), I was not complaining. It’s a perfect daytime office scent, and when the scent faded, I could always spritz again deliberately.

2. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Range

Fruity scent is not really my thing, but I have a weakness for peach. Vineyard Peach hit all the right notes : it was a singular peach scent, with both juicy and creamy quality. It reminded me of a certain brand of candy in my childhood, and I associated it with innocence and youthful fun. The Vineyard Peach body scrub, my favorite product from the line, was really gentle and moisturizing.

Vineyard Peach was a special edition and I really hope they would bring it back sometime in the future! When that day comes, I would make sure that I stockpile the whole line.

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3. Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15

Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15 was just too good to be true. It was deliciously creamy, the rose scent was so elegant, and it contained rosehip oil, which is really good for anti-aging and wound-healing. On top of that, the SPF! It is really a hassle to put another layer of SPF on top of your hand cream, especially during pandemic when we repeatedly washing our hand, so it would be nice to have a hand cream with SPF.

The Body Shop does have British Rose Hand Cream, but it is just not the same. Plus, none of their new hand cream has SPF.

Also, I got complimented for the scent often when wearing this hand cream. No joke, if they sell a perfume version of this, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

4. The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo

What I loved about the Rainforest Shampoo line was how it’s sulphate free. I found that they made my hair less dry and easier to manage after washing. However, if you are used to ‘normal’ shampoo, the experience of using them could be less pleasant. They were not as bubbly, making your hair feel less “squeaky clean”. Also, the scents were rather subdued and…non-descript.

Currently The Body Shop has different range of hair care products catering to different hair needs…I just hoped that they have at least one that is sulphate-free. Like an upgraded version of Rainforest with better scent choices (it is inevitable that they will not as bubbly as the others…that’s the price we pay for having things SLS/SLES free I guess).

5. The entire home fragrance products

Picture source : The Body Shop Cyprus who still carried the products (The Body Shop Indonesia please follow :””)

Yes, the whole rack of products. The essential oils, linen spritz, everything.

I understand that the home fragrance was perhaps a slow seller among all The Body Shop products. After all, how many of us go to The Body Shop to look for essential oil diffuser? Still, I was a big fan of several scents in particular. Jasmine and White Frangipani reminded me of Bali, mystical white floral with grassy undertone. Green Tea and Lemon was so fresh and energizing; I used this a lot when I stayed up all night to finish my bachelor thesis. I still own a bottle of linen spritz and fragrance oil, which I used sparingly because when I used them all up, I won’t get the exact replacement.

From all the products I mentioned, the home fragrance seemed to be the most unlikely to be brought back. I can only hope that The Body Shop would consider to release them as body fragrance products….

So, there it is, the discontinued The Body Shop Products I sorely missed. If anyone from The Body Shop HQ somehow stumbled upon this post while researching idea for new products, this is the sign you’ve been looking for, LOL.

Meanwhile, if you have products from The Body Shop/other brands that could fill in the hollow space these products left in my heart, please do let me know in the comment!

3 Replies to “Discontinued The Body Shop Products I Wish Were Re-Released”

  1. They actually did it. They have discontinued the Fuji green tea shampoo scrub and conditioner.

    1. …what the actual F.

    2. I’m sorry for my initial surprise. Thanks for the heads up, I am able to go to my nearest store and stock up, just in case.

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