Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk : A Review

Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk : A Review

It’s no secret that I prefer no-frills, cost-effective skincare. However, when days in lockdown become inseparable from the next one, and maintaining skincare routine turns into a chore, I grew more appreciation towards the experiential side of skincare. After all, taking care of your skin shouldn’t feel only like an obligation, it should also be something you enjoy out of respect for yourself. It is so much more than just keeping your skin moisturized and unclogged; it should also nourish your well-being during this unprecedented time. And what better place to start taking a more holistic approach to skin care…than trying out organic skin care?

Skin Dewi is a familiar brand for Indonesian organic and natural skin care enthusiast. In addition to their own products, they also provide workshops to formulate organic skincare and related consultations. Their brand origin is a wholesome case of loving to the point of invention: The founder, Dewi Kauw, learns to formulate good quality skin care products for her child who has atopic dermatitis. Their products are formulated with high quality ingredients, plant based materials, and no animal cruelty. They have been certified by BPOM (similar to Indonesian FDA), and due to their organic ingredients, are considered to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers (still, when in doubt, ask your doctor!)

I heard a lot of good things as well about Skin Dewi products, but I haven’t had the pleasure of trying them myself, due to them being out of my usual skin care budget. I am just a poor junior level career researcher, what can I do.

Skin Dewi Hydrating Cleansing Milk
Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk

That being said, I cannot be more excited to try my first Skin Dewi product! This product is gifted to me from Skin Dewi for reviewing purpose, after a brief consultation on my skin type and concerns (oily, dehydrated like you wouldn’t believe). Please bear in mind that the following review is my honest opinion. I do not accept any financial nor any other forms of compensation for this review. Please see my review disclosure for details.


Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk is described as a gentle emulsion milk cleanser enriched with brightening papaya extracts, antioxidants, and purifying oil. Deeply cleanse as it hydrates and brightens.

Ingredients of Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk
Ingredients of Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk

First thought when I read the ingredients list? Wow, those are chock full of oils. I am no stranger to using oil as (first) cleanser, but those are usually simple concoction of non-fragrant plant oils. There are so many things I want to put on my skin in non-cleansing steps of my skin care. This is definitely not a cleanser you can use carelessly, you need to really maximize the experience…which is in line with my new approach to skin care, so I’m not complaining.

In accordance with their soap-free claim, there is no mention of usual soapy ingredients (SLS/SLeS/their relatives); I recognize cetearyl glucoside could serve as surfactant. The Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk also claims to gently exfoliate, probably using citric acid and papain from Carica papaya fruit extract. Raspberry oil, which is highlighted in the product’s name, is there to stimulate oil repair and replenish moisture. Niacinamide is there for its anti-aging properties and strengthening skin barriers, but personally I prefer it to be in the product I use after cleansing. As for the other oils, I suppose they are there to provide the hydration and  luxurious, moisturized feeling.


The Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk has a lotion-y consistency; not as heavy as what I expect from something formulated with so many types of oil. It has a nice, soft, creamy scent, with a hint of something citrusy. The scent is all-natural from the oils, no added fragrance. While I am not against adding fragrance to skin care products, my nose is quite picky, and I detest plasticky, artificial scent of some products with added fragrance. This cleansing milk is nothing like that; if anything, the scent added to the experience.

coin-sized of Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk
They suggested a coin-sized of product per use and admittedly this is a kiiiiinda small coin

I expected to use it as first cleanser, as I usually do with cleansing milk. When I consulted the Skin Dewi team about it, they suggested me to use it as the only cleanser when I’m wearing no make up, and second cleanser when wearing sunscreen and/or make up. You are supposed to use a coin size of cleansing milk to wet face, massage thoroughly, and rinse it with water. I’m not sure how big this “coin size” is supposed to be, but pictured above is the usual size I’m using for my face. It’s a rather small coin, but I feel that it’s cleansing my skin just fine.

The cleansing milk is as soft as it smells, It glides very smoothly while being massaged. It fulfills its promise not to overstrip my skin, in fact it does leave my skin feeling plump and hydrated! Although it works well as second cleanser, I prefer to use it in the morning, when I don’t really need to double cleanse, also at night after spending the whole day at home (which is basically 6 days a week since I mostly work from home now)

It is highly suggested to use Skin Dewi Helichrysum Brightening Vitamin C Treatment after using this cleansing milk…which I obviously haven’t done in this occassion


I must say, I am surprised at how much I like using this Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk, as usually this is not my preferred type of cleanser. It does its main job, which is to cleanse, and the soap-free formula feels comforting for my dehydrated skin. I feel bad just letting the nice oils and ingredients go to drain so quickly, so I take my time to calmly massage it and experience everything it has to offer. This cleanser successfully turns my routine into an unwinding ritual I’m looking forward to everyday. It is still on the pricey side for a cleanser, but if you have the means, I don’t see why not. Your well-being is a good reason to splurge.

Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk in front of Sanseviera plant

Where to buy this

Skin Dewi Raspberry Hydrating Cleansing Milk is available in 3 size : Mini size (10 gr), Travel size (50gr), and Full size (150 gr). At the time this review is published (July 2020), the Cleansing Milk retailed for Rp 82.500 (mini size), Rp 357.500 (travel size), and Rp 566.500 (full size).

You can find Skin Dewi products in the following online stores :

  1. Skin Dewi website
  2. iLotte
  3. Skin Dewi Lazada
  4. Skin Dewi Tokopedia
  5. Skin Dewi Shopee
  6. Sociolla

I believe they also provide international shipping in their website. To be sure you can inquire to Skin Dewi official instagram

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