Seventeen Made Me Do It (Again) : A Review of The Saem x Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream

Seventeen Made Me Do It (Again) : A Review of The Saem x Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream

Welcome to the second edition of ‘Seventeen Made Me Do It‘ where I justify my impulsive buying of cosmetic stuffs with Seventeen’s face on it with a sort-of in-depth review! A few days ago I posted my thoughts on The Saem x Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Suncream, and in this post I will review their siblings in spirit : The Saem x Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream.

Seungkwan The Saem Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream
Seungkwan Miracle Tone Up Cream featuring cameo from Soonwangja, my Soondori doll

Five talented visual kings from Seventeen Vocal Team graced the packaging of this tone up cream. I bought all members for the satisfaction of having owned them all, but I only used one of them : Seungkwan, the fun, soulful main vocal of Seventeen. As usual, it does not really matter which one you pick except if you’re biased, because everything on the ingredients list is the same. The scents are different, though. More on that later.


Unlike the suncream counterpart, the English ingredient was not listed on the packaging. Probably because it’s so tiny (only 30g of tone up cream!). The Saem’s website only listed these three ingredients in Hangul (also written in their packaging but if you cannot read Hangul you probably would not realize it) :

Titanium dioxide, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin.

The Saem x Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream Ingredients
The Saem x Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream Ingredients

Interestingly on the graphic explanation on the product page, they also listed several “star ingredients”, such as ceramide, squalane, milk essence, and Artemisia (mugwort). You can see it from the screen capture below :

Star ingredients the saem seventeen miracle tone up cream

It’s rather disappointing because I believe this is not a complete list. For a product so easily spreadable like this, I suppose some emollients are involved. Also this is very clearly fragranced; I know for a fact that mere titanium dioxide doesn’t smell this nice however fragrance is not listed. I wonder what else. It’s not that I suspect they add dangerous ingredients or anything like that, it’s just…annoying.

Anyway, from what they do list, we know that titanium dioxide is a physical sunscreen filter, a source of the infamous sunscreen white cast and the “miracle” tone up effect. Phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesin are both preservatives. Although frankly I am not sure whether they are actually included in the product, squalane and ceramide are moisturizing agents, and milk has brightening properties because it contains lactic acid but it is probably here in minuscule amount so I won’t put too much hope on it. Artemisia (mugwort) is indicated to have antiaging properties but we’re not going to discuss this further since it is unclear whether it’s there in the first place.

How it feels on my skin

It feels more runny, than its suncream counterparts, more like a lotion than cream. It is quite a pleasant texture, easy to spread, also easier to make it looks more even on my face. It has a slight cooling effect, which is nice for me personally, but makes me wonder whether it also contains alcohol. Just for precaution, those who are sensitive to alcohol should patch test before use.

The Saem Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream Scents
Different scents for different members

If the suncream has the exact same scent and ingredients, each of these suncream has different scents. My friend Tidy,  who has tried two variants (Woozi and Jeonghan) said that they smell somewhat floral. The Seungkwan one that I own smell like a pretty, soft peach and something citrusy. It somehow smelled like the combination of the peach and grapefruit variant of The Saem handcreams (or Dokyeom and Joshua’s,  if you are a whipped fangirl like me who prefers to buy the Seventeen version). It’s a right dose of fragrance, very pleasing to my nose. You know how picky I am about scents I put on my face, so you can take my word on that.


I never thought I am going to say this about a tone up product : I like it. In fact, I really, really like it!

Unlike the suncream which left me with a terrible whitecast, this miracle tone up cream actually brighten my skin quite naturally! It does cover the yellow-ness of my skin, but IRL I don’t look out of place. Just nicely brightened up. Please see picture below for comparison :

Perhaps this has something to do with the amount of the cream I used. This cream does contain a physical sunscreen filter, but it was not marketed as sunscreen because probably it didn’t undergo the test necessary to determine the SPF rating. This is actually good, because I don’t rely on it for sun protection. In this case : a little does go a long way! Just put a little bit, and you’re left with a slightly brightened up, still natural looking skin. I even forego using my bb cushion after wearing it : it is that nice aesthetically!


Although I am annoyed to no end about the lack of complete ingredients list of this tone up cream, performance-wise it is a very pleasant lotion-y cream.

Will I buy it again if it does not have Seventeen’s face on it? YES. Actually I tried to search for other The Saem product similar with this tone up cream, without SVT members on it, because I like it that much, to no avail. And here comes another annoying thing about it, the packaging is so, so tiny! Just 30g, while the suncream is 50g. I tried to be frugal because it is getting hard to get this in Korea, and I don’t know when it is going to be launched in Indonesia.

The Saem Seventeen Miracle Tone Up Cream

I wish The Saem would just release a product with the exact ingredient, with or without SVT members’ face, doesn’t matter. It would be nice also to get the complete list of ingredients. The Saem Spy, if you’re there, please listen to my plea.

Where to get this Miracle Tone Up Cream?

If you live in Indonesia, The Saem Indonesia stated that they are going to release this product soon, although the exact date is to be announced. Several shops on online shopping platform (such as my Shopee store, teehee) carried this product with price ranged from Rp 165.000-Rp 240.000.

The Saem Indonesia Official Online Stores (will update with the direct link to products when the Miracle Tone Up Creams are officially released) :

  1. The Saem Tokopedia*
  2. The Saem Bukalapak*
  3. The Saem Shopee
  4. The Saem JD.ID

So, over to you. Have you tried this tone up cream? Do you like it better compared to the suncream? Please share below~

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