Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask : My Mask Bae

Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask : My Mask Bae

The day I bought this Utama Spice face mask, I did not know that I just got a golden ticket to the good skin factory.

I had been eyeing this mask for some time. It was quite affordable, unlike some clay masks that I should not mention. It was made from Temulawak (Curcuma xantorrhiza), a herbal ingredients commonly used for jamu (Indonesian traditional herbal drinks). They do wonders to your digestion track and overall feeling of wellness. I didn’t know exactly about their skincare benefit, but it seems interesting.

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I refrained myself from trying because at that time I was still battling a hell-sent breakout. My skin was extremely sensitive and dry due to acne medication. However, soon my acne disappeared, as well as the sensitivity, leaving a dull skin with overflowing production of sebum and myriads of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots. Ehhh, what the hell, skin.

Anyway, Utama Temu-Temu Face Mask claimed to purify skin and restore the skin radiance. Sounds exactly like what my skin needs! I decided to buy it, and I LOVE it so much I am having a hard time explaining what aspect I love the most about it.

To Love #1 : Ingredients

Simple and no fuss

Clay is touted to have “purifying” property, being able to “absorb toxin”. Well I don’t know about toxin-absorption, but I am certain that it is able to absorb excess oil from skin, therefore temporarily reducing the appearance of pore size.

The anti-aging claim of temulawak is not without reason. Temulawak root contain xantorrhizol, which is a potential candidate for prevention and treatment of skin aging by helping in regulation of skin photo-ageing process. At least one study has documented that it shows antibacterial activity against Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne. Further research needed, but scientific evidences are promising so far.

This product is 100% natural without any addition of preservatives. Well, I am okay with preservatives (in fact I prefer my skincare to have some to…you know, prevent them from being a mould-breeding farm), but some of you might think of this as a plus. It does have silica gel bag to keep the mask powder dry and fresh, so it should be okay even without preservatives. Just take note of the expiration date, don’t leave it open too long, and take care not to splash any liquid inside the plastic jar.

To Love #2 : The Masking Experience

The mask is bright yellow powder you need to mix with water in order to make paste. I like my paste a bit thick, so my usual formula is :

1,5 teaspoon of powder + 2 teaspoon of water

That is enough for my whole face. You might need more or less, depends on your face size and personal preference. It took a bit of experimenting to get the right portion, but it is safer to start with smaller amount of powder and add up until you feel it is sufficient.

Apply the mask to face after cleansing. Utama recommends using mask brush for more even application, and I comply. I think you should, too, unless you are into cleaning up dried yellow stain around your masking-place after everything is finished.

The smell of this mask when applied on skin is very typical of Temulawak and its Curcuma siblings : a warm, earthy, herbal scent. It makes me feel as if I were a Balinese princess in a middle of a royal skin-pampering session, slathering her skin with everything good from the nature. Not everyone would like the scent, but if you do, it really feels heavenly.


The mask felt cool to skin, even after it dries up a bit. You might experience a bit of sting if you were overdoing the cleansing/scrubbing before using this mask. I also have to warn you that you SHOULD NOT use this mask if you have an open wound/scratch on your skin; it might cause redness and prolonged stinging. I know from my dad’s experience, who once unknowingly applied this on a post-shaving scratch (and BTW, yes, my whole family is a fan of this mask).

It took around 20 minutes to dry, depends on how runny you like your mask to be. You should remove this mask before it is too dry, because then it will start flaking with just a tiny face movement, and no Balinese princess-wannabe should sweep fine yellow flake powder after a royal pampering session. Do it thoroughly. Otherwise you would find some yellow stain when you use face cotton to put toner afterwards. Don’t freak out, it just means that you have some leftover mask powder on your skin.

After using this mask, I like to follow with hydrating toner, serum, and my other skincare just like I normally would, but I would leave out acid. Enough exfoliating and purifying for a day.

Since my skin is oily, it is safe for me to use it twice a week. If you think that your skin is not oily enough, I would recommend to use it less often.

To Love #3 : How it feels afterwards

My pore has never been as chill as after I used this. It has a temporary brightening effect, and my skin tone looks more even, so I think the “restoring radiance” claim works for me. My skin feels so soft…so hard to resist touching it again and again. It does not feel too tight or too dry like after using some other clay masks. I feel that my skin is bouncier; not in a “my skin just absorb a good deal of watery goodness” way, it is more like all skin cells are in their good place, and my life is also in a good place.

*happy sigh*

Utama Spice Temu Temu Face Mask just hit all the right notes for me. Will I try another clay masks? Maybe. Do I need to try another clay mask? Ehhhhh not really, I am actually good with this for the next 20 years or so…

Where to get this mask?

You can get this mask online through Utama Spice Official Website or Sociolla. As of January 2017, the price of this mask is Rp 60.500 (more or less $4,52)

Please check Utama Spice Store Locator to see where else you can get this mask.


Do you have any experience with Utama Spice Temu-Temu Face Mask/other products from the same company? Do you think you have a better suggestion to challenge this mask as my current mask bae? Please share below 🙂

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