They Say 2017 is The Perfect Time to Challenge Yourself…

They Say 2017 is The Perfect Time to Challenge Yourself…

…so I created a beauty blog.

When I announced this (happy?) news to some of my close friend, they snorted. I don’t blame them; if I told this to 2-years-younger me, she would probably snort as well. After all, I am not what you would expect from a so-called beauty blogger. I am not a cheerful pretty girl who would call her reader “beauties” or something similarly cute. I hate selfies with passion. Until not too long ago, I spent good portion of my life not moisturizing and not using sunscreen despite living in a tropical country *shudder*. At one point, I was actually proud of that.

Oh God Why
Me everytime I remember those dark, dark days

Luckily, people change, and some people do change for the better.

Since my skincare epiphany in mid-2015, I come to enjoy skincare. What started as a battle against acne and their icky friends turned into a way to pamper myself and geeking over skincare ingredients, with healthy(-ish) skin as a pleasant bonus. Also, I don’t know if this makes sense, but every time I complete my morning/evening skincare routine, I always feel like I am a competent adult woman. It would be nice if I am actually a competent adult woman, but…you know what people say: just fake it until you make it.

Until the end of 2016, I was largely a closeted skincare enthusiast. Perhaps because I was worried that people would consider me as a vain. They would see me as that girl who tried too hard. They would think of me as a mainstream girl liking mainstream stuff.

But as I said, 2017 is the perfect time to challenge myself…and to stop worrying about what people would say. People say toxic things sometimes; I need to stop listening to those. I just don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

So I will keep slathering my skin with sunscreen. I will continue pat-patting lotions and other potions on my face, and sharing what I think of them here. And when I dabbed my first treatment essence on my gorgeous face right before my 70th birthday, I will have the last laugh.


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  1. Yaaaay! Gak sabar menanti review pertamanyaaa :))

    1. Teeheee! Makasih Bia! Review pertama sudah tayang hueheehee. Sering-sering main yaah XD

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